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Picture of Viva

Ce revêtement de sol est la solution idéale pour chaque projet de rénovation. Viva est un revêtement de sol élégamment vernis offrant durabilité et style et créé pour durer de longues années.

  • Revêtement de sol de 8,5 mm avec couche de placage sur une lame en HDF, à 1, 2 ou 3 couches
  • Largeur : Viva - 190 mm, Viva Line - 110 mm
  • Longueur : 1220 mm
  • Structure à trois couches offrant une excellente stabilité
  • Traitement de surface : Proteco Lacquer ou Proteco Natura
  • Système de verrouillage : Ultraloc - pose facile
  • Compatible avec chauffage par le sol
  • Gamme complète de plinthes et accessoires assortis pour la pose, le nettoyage et l'entretien.


TARKETT’S BALANCED CHOICE The Wood ranges are part of Tarkett’s choice of sustainable solutions. It is an integrated system that allows you to balance all the competing needs, while making choices that are truly sustainable and work together aesthetically.

Our wood ranges are made of 99%* natural, renewable material from controlled sources that meet our standards of sustainable forestry or are certified by PEFC and/or FSC. => Content declaration available on request(FSC SW-COC-000186) *Viva range: 88%

The Viva, Epoque and Tango ranges are produced in Orzechowo, Poland. The factory applies an environmental management system (ISO 14001). Since the factory started two years ago, we have made several improvements. - 12% reduction in energy consumption. - 42% of all energy consumed is produced by recycling sawdust as a biofuel. =>All Tarkett plants are externally audited for environmental risk assessment

Our wood ranges deliver valuable health, hygiene and welfare benefits: - Proteco surface treatment is the strongest on the market, delivering benefits like easy cleaning, no chemicals needed for everyday care and a longer service life. - Very low VOC emissions of 20 µg/m3 at 28 days – more than 50 times below demands in European Standard (1000 µg/m3), contributing to good indoor air quality. - Formaldehyde emissions ten times lower than the E1 standard - Quick and easy product installation with no need for glue (convenient click system). - Feels warm and comfortable to walk on thanks to good thermal resistance (0.10-0.13 m2K/W on 12-14 mm multilayer wood floor). - Tarkett's wood floors can be re-sanded up to 4-5 times**, which extends the flooring's life time and gives it a favourable Life Cycle Cost. =>Test reports available on request **Not valid for Viva

Used flooring can be removed and reused or used as an energy source. ISO 14001 certificate no. 12 10435325 TMS ISO 9001 certificate no. 12 10035525 TMS